Iranian scientist claims to have built a time machine

Back to the Future Delorean
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads

An Iranian man believes he has created the world's first time machine, saying he can use it to predict world events up to 8 years in advance.

Uncovered by The Telegraph, the scientist in Tehran calls the device "The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine", and has registered his invention with the local patents office, known as the Centre for Strategic Inventions in his part of the world.

Sadly for sci-fi fans, Time Traveling Machine is a misnomer, as the machine seems to be more of a crystal ball than a modified Delorean.

Ali Razeghi, who also happens to be the manager of the Centre for Strategic Inventions, advertises that his invention will "bring the future to you" and believes the Iranian government could enjoy a tremendous benefit over other nations if they can foresee destabilising events years in advance.

But it's not just for predicting international crisis.

"My invention easily fits into the size of a personal computer case and can predict details of the next 5-8 years of the life of its users," says Razeghi, who believes his time machine will appeal to everyday consumers as much as tyrannical conservative governments.

Now, we guess it's just a matter of waiting for the Kickstarter campaign to begin.

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