Hollywood unleashes its inner geek as another tech flick trailer appears

The Internship
Vaughn and Wilson reunite for manchild japes on the Google campus

The Internship is the latest attempt to put the world of tech onto the silver screen, albeit with a more screwball style than previous efforts. You can watch the trailer below, and see how Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (reunited for the first time since Wedding Crashers) handle working at Google.

The story sees Vaughn and Wilson out of a job when their watch company goes under, so the two apply for an internship at Google. The catch is, everyone else is a lot younger than them, and lot more tech-savvy, so it's a fish-out-of-water scenario.

Cult of personality

Previous tech films have dealt more with the personalities that made it big. The Social Network documented the fraught origins of Facebook, while the Jobs biopic (starring Ashton Kutcher) aims show the uncompromising drive that characterised Apple's co-founder. Meanwhile, the trailer for The Internship has a man in a wheelchair punching Owen Wilson in the balls.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. There's already another Steve Jobs movie in the works, after all - this one based on Walter Isaacson's biography, and with Apple's other co-founder Steve Wozniak serving as a consultant - and you can have too many respectful portraits of computing geniuses.

Google has been supportive of The Internship, letting the crew film on location on its campus - as well it might, seeing as it's good exposure for the search giant. Now, who's going to start the bidding war for our The Myspace Story script?

The Internship is set for release in June.


Joe Svetlik

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