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Google wants to launch internet-spewing air balloons in the US

Google Project Loon
Just another day at Google

Google has its hands in a lot of pots, and one of its weirdest ventures involves a fleet wi-fi-spewing air balloons it calls "Project Loon."

The search company debuted the project back in 2013, but it's taken until now for Google to make efforts to launch it in the US.

The company sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission requesting that some high-frequency wireless spectrum - above 24GHz - be allocated to internet delivered "via airborne platforms."

That's far from a concrete plan, but clearly Google is at least testing the skies - er, waters - for Project Loon in the US.

Don't cut your cable just yet

The idea behind Project Loon is to free internet users from the shackles of satellite, fiber, cable, and other expensive and limiting connection types.

With Google Fiber earning the company so much positive attention Google likely won't be blanketing the sky in internet balloons thick as clouds any time soon, but it's enough for now to get a hint at what the future might hold.

Via Engadget