Delivery promise is snow joke for Currys

"But we ordered the 50" - take it back."
"But we ordered the 50" - take it back."

Currys has gone to some fairly impressive lengths to deliver kit in the adverse weather, with the electrics retailer hiring an 'extreme outdoor pursuits specialist'.

Steven Grieg managed to deliver a 42-inch television to a house 50 miles away from the Aberdeen store with his caterpillar-tracked specialist transport, and also deliver a blatant but amusing publicity stunt.

It does kind of put Asda's 'we'll deliver, whatever the weather' promise fail (to some houses in Kent at least) to shame.


"There have been other attempts to deliver our new TV this week and we were just not sure when it would arrive because the conditions on the roads are so terrible," said customer Mrs Bowie of Banff.

"We are thrilled that we have now received it and that so much trouble was taken by Currys to get it to us."

Steve Gibb, Director of Field Operations, Currys added: 'Our team of delivery drivers across the UK have been doing a sterling job to ensure we endeavour to continue to offer a great service for our customers.

"We have taken this one step further by enlisting the help of an outdoor terrain specialist to trial a new way of ensuring that the worst-hit areas are, where possible, still able to receive goods that have been ordered."

Patrick Goss

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