8 mad HQs from the world of technology

Vast open-plan offices mix with small breakaway rooms, where even Mark Zuckerberg himself sits at a regular office desk in the mix. Speaking of the desks, they're all height adjustable, while treadmill-equipped versions are also available for those who like to stroll while they type. Adding to the false-urban environment, the walls are covered with unique graffiti and art specifically created for Facebook, so that no two spaces look alike.

6. Nvidia, Santa Clara

8 mad HQs from the world of technology

Nvidia plans to invade California with triangles!

Spaceships for office buildings seem all the rage these days, as even Nvidia's taking that alien look one stage further. Its new planned headquarters is another Gensler-special located in the heart of Santa Clara, California. The theme behind the new creation is definitely triangles. Formed from two enormous triangular buildings covering over 11 acres just across the road from Nvidia Building A, the roof of each building is then made up of further, undulating triangles with a central glass triangular top.

The idea is that this mad complex of interlocking triangles represents the rasterisation of computer graphics, creating a physical interpretation of what the company's graphics cards do in the virtual world. The result is a crazy, alien-looking pair of buildings that should be completed in July 2015, breaking ground this summer.

7. McLaren Technology Centre, Woking

8 mad HQs from the world of technology

The McLaren Technology Centre is a work of art

Known for its incredible supercars and Formula 1 team, McLaren's technology centre pretty much started the craze for custom-designed, bespoke buildings for high-tech workers. Following on from McLaren's laser-focussed drive for perfection, the high-design, immaculate McLaren Technology Centre is the epitome of precision engineering.

Designed by Norman Foster, open-plan offices are built directly on top of the manufacturing and development facilities, meaning ideas can be rapidly fired down to the people who actually make the awesome technology. From desk jockeys to design studios, McLaren's Woking HQ is simply beautiful.

8. Airbnb, San Francisco

8 mad HQs from the world of technology

Airbnb has taken inspiration from where it counts most - its customers!

A newcomer to the world of wild office design, Airbnb has taken its customers' rental places and recreated them inside its own office. The result is a weird mix that rivals Google for sheer randomness. For instance, smack-bang in the middle of a set of desks is a wooden hut that looks like it should be on a beach somewhere.

Also on offer is a breakout meeting room done up to look like an artist's pad straight out of Berlin, matching a real place down to the correct curtains. If that wasn't enough there's even a New York apartment room with walls covered in art and a comfy-looking armchair to sit in while you muse over the latest quarterly earnings.

The result of all these imported spaces is an eclectic mix of modern, highly-stylised office desks and cubicles slammed into real-world locations, mirrored down to the level of matching carpets. Interesting, to say the least.