Windows 11 finally has a release date, and you can upgrade for free

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Microsoft has finally announced when Windows 11, will launch, and it’s not far away at all. On October 5 this year, all eligible PCs that currently run on Windows 10 will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free – Microsoft will be launching a free Health Check app to check compatibility soon. On the same day, PCs pre-loaded with Windows 11 will be available for purchase.

The new operating system promises users enhanced productivity features to help improve our work-from-home routines with new Teams and Microsoft 365 integration. Windows 11 will also include plenty of new ways to relax when we clock off at the end of a busy day.

Over the past few months, we've been treated to plenty of information about what we can expect about the latest Windows operating system. If you don't have time to learn everything about Windows 11 though, that's no problem, as we have a quick rundown of our favorite announced features below.

Our favorite Windows 11 features so far

Microsoft has been teasing plenty of new additions coming to Windows 11 when it launches later this year, and plenty of them are designed to help improve our new work-from-home focused work lives.

New Start functions will help integrate your various computers through Microsoft 365, allowing you to quickly and easily open up your most recent files no matter which device you last used. If your job will see you working from both home and the office, this could be a big timesaver as you won't have to scramble around looking for that document you were just writing up.

While you might be sick of Teams by now, if it is still a big part of your day-to-day you'll be happy to know that it will soon be integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar. Microsoft promises this integration will make it faster to connect and communicate with the people you need to.

It's not all about work though, as Windows 11 also boasts the best Windows gaming experience yet. We'll have to wait and see if it can live up to the hype but new technology like DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR promise to get the most out of your hardware. On top of that, there will be improved integration between Windows 11 and Xbox Game Pass as Microsoft continues to push its excellent game subscription service.

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of Android apps on Windows 11. Thanks to a new Microsoft Store, and collaboration with Amazon and Intel, users will be able to access a selection of Android apps on their PCs. As time goes on we're sure we'll see more of our favorite Android apps appear.

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