Windows 10 update delivers official fix for latest Blue Screen of Death issue

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Windows 10 suffered a major hitch for some printer users with the operating system’s March cumulative update, but this problem has now been fixed (after the stopgap measure of a workaround was posted by Microsoft).

The problem, which affected some models of printer including Kyocera, Ricoh, and Dymo, was causing an ‘APC_INDEX_MISMATCH’ error to occur, complete with a Blue Screen of Death crash when the user tried to print something.

The full fix comes in the form of an out-of-band patch, KB5001567, which is marked as an optional quality update. According to Microsoft, this patch: “Updates an issue that might cause a blue screen when you attempt to print to certain printers using some apps.”

Grab it now

The gremlin hit folks running Windows 10 November 2019 Update, May 2020 Update, and October 2020 Update. Affected users should head to Windows Update and manually look for the patch, which can then be installed from there.

Obviously if you weren’t affected by the printer issue, there’s no need to install KB5001567, which is why it’s labeled as an optional update.

When the problem first emerged, most folks were simply removing the patch that caused the trouble to resolve printing issues, but that’s obviously far from ideal (as it contains some important security fixes). Microsoft was quick to respond and investigate this one, however, and the fix has been provided swiftly, which is good to see.

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