Where to buy PSVR 2 - new VR headset for PS5 is available now

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The PSVR 2 has launched and it's actually in stock – a shocking twist for anyone who struggled for months to buy a PS5 when availability was so low. Perhaps you've had a read of our PSVR 2 review and are now convinced to try out this powerful and premium console-based virtual reality headset. If so, here's where to buy the PlayStation VR 2.

Right now, the PlayStation VR 2 is listed for $549.99 / £529.99 and it's exclusively available through the official PlayStation Direct Store in the US and UK during the early launch window. It's not clear when this exclusivity period ends or when it will be available at other retailers in these regions. For the money, you get the PSVR 2 headset, PSVR 2 Sense controllers and a pair of stereo headphones.

There's also the option to buy a PSVR 2 bundle that comes with the VR headset and a copy of one of the headline PSVR games Horizon Call of the Mountain for $599.99 / £569.99. And in terms of accessories, the only official one available right now is the PSVR 2 Sense Controller Charging Station for $49.99 / £39.99.

PlayStation VR 2 - where to buy

PSVR 2: from $549.99 / £529.99 at PlayStation Direct

PSVR 2: from $549.99 / £529.99 at PlayStation Direct
Sony's official PlayStation Direct store is the only place where you can buy the PSVR 2 in the US and UK. There's no waitlist or invite to sign up for - simply go to the site and pay for your order. Both the standalone PSVR 2 and PSVR 2 bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain are available. You can also buy the PSVR 2 Sense Controller Charging Station for $49.99 / £39.99. Delivery is free.

Do I need a PS5 to use the PSVR 2?

Yes. Sony's second-generation virtual reality headset is powered by the PS5 so you need the latest console in order to use it. It's not a standalone piece of equipment like the Meta Quest 2. Combined, then, it's an expensive investment. However, it is still more affordable than similarly powerful PC-based VR kits. 

And going by the high praise given in our review, it sounds like Sony has knocked it out of the park with this new version. In fact, the PSVR 2 has already made its way onto our list of the best VR headsets

The image quality is superb, the controls are very responsive and it's easy to set up. There's a strong selection of early launch titles that show off the tech, too. Not only is there the aforementioned Horizon Call of the Mountain, but there are also VR versions of Tetris Effect, Rez Infinite and Resident Evil Village thanks to a free DLC update.

We've gathered up some of the latest offers on PSVR 2 compatible games below:

PSVR 2 games launch lineup

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When will the PSVR 2 be on sale at other retailers?

It seems Sony has learnt from previous mistakes after the PS5 restock fiasco and is limiting distribution of the PSVR 2 at this early stage. Alongside the PlayStation VR 2 price and release date announcement, the manufacturer confirmed that the official PlayStation Direct store is the only place where you buy the latest VR headset if you're in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg.

However, it was also confirmed that the PSVR 2 will be available to buy at other select retailers in other regions. It's best to check your major local stores for stock information. 

The PlayStation Direct store exclusivity is also just for this initial launch phase, but there's no indication of when it will be lifted so places like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop can sell the VR headset for PS5. Stick with us for all the latest updates on where to buy the PSVR 2 in the months ahead, as well as any PlayStation VR deals when they first become available.

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