Where to buy a PS4: all the retailers with console stock and bundles available

where to buy a ps4
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You're not the only one wondering where to buy a PS4 right now. Stock has been flashing in and out over the last few weeks as demand for at-home entertainment surges, and inventory struggles to keep up. There are a handful of retailers in the US, UK, and Australia currently offering PS4 bundles, but these are dropping in and out all the time.

That means PS4 and PS4 Pro stock has been running a little thin on the ground over the last few days. We're here to help, however, by running through all the retailers in the US, UK and Australia who still have the PS4 on their (digital) shelves. 

That's right, you'll find plenty of PS4 stock available through the stores listed below, with bundles, standalone consoles, and extra accessories still available for delivery at a range of retailers. 

Prices aren't as stellar as they were during recent sales, and demand has even pushed them beyond MSRP/RRP in many places, but if you're after a console right now, there are still some decent price tags available. 

So sit back and relax as we show you where to buy a PS4, with plenty of online stores also offering fast, free delivery to boot.  

Where to buy a PS4 Pro


Where to buy a PS4 in the US


B&H Photo
B&H still has a healthy supply of PS4 bundles available for delivery right now. You can save some cash with plenty of bundle deals offering free games with either a PS4 or PS4 Pro console. Not only that, but you can also still get free expedited shipping.


You can also head over to Adorama to pick up a PS4 or PS4 Pro console. With excellent prices on a range of bundles, stock levels are looking healthy and you can even grab some extra accessories and subscriptions in with your order.


Shop through Newegg to pick up a fantastic PS4 or PS4 Pro deal this week. With plentiful stock and free shipping available, you'll easily find the perfect bundle for you. Just be wary that this is a marketplace and prices won't be regulated as much as other retailers so make sure to check the available prices against a few other retailers.


As well as some excellent bundle deals and standalone console prices, you can also find some extra accessories to keep your PS4 experience fresh at Kohl's. Whether you're looking for a brand new system, headset, controller, or games, you'll find them at Kohl's.


You'll find better prices elsewhere at the moment, but Dell does have PS4 stock available if the other options have been depleted. You'll also find an excellent range of Alienware headsets to compliment your order as well.


Where to buy a PS4 in the UK

The UK has seen a resurgence in PS4 Pro stock over the last few weeks, but a dramatic reduction in the number of cheaper Slim consoles on the shelves. You'll find plenty of bundles available from a wide range of retailers right now. Below are all the best retailers for PS4 and PS4 Pro deals and sales - keep an eye for new bundle deals as stock starts to return. 


Very have a range of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro bundles in stock and ready to ship with some fantastic games in there for free as well. Choose from FIFA 20, Death Stranding, Nioh 2, and Marvel's Spider-Man in the latest PS4 deals. There's low stock on these bundles, however, so you'll have to move fast.


There is also a range of PS4 Pro consoles available at AO for some fantastic bundle prices right now. While stock on the cheaper Slim model is currently off the shelves, you'll still find some great deals on the 4K console at AO.


Similarly, Currys is also struggling to fill its shelves with PS4 Slim bundles. However, you'll still find money-saving PS4 Pro offers with the latest titles bundled in for a reduced price right now.


Argos still have limited PS4 stock available, but it will depend on your area. Select your PS4 or PS4 Pro and enter your postcode to double-check delivery options where you are, but you could have it as early as this evening thanks to same-day delivery.


Similar to Game, ebuyer also still has plenty of PS4 stock available for shipping. Some bundles have seen a slight price increase over the last couple of days, but you'll be able to secure a decent price on many others as well.


Where to buy a PS4 in Australia


Amazon Australia
While game console stock is running low across many Australian retailers at the moment, Amazon Australia has seemingly had a steady supply of PS4 Slim consoles bundles on offer, both via its own store and through its third-party sellers.


Sony Online Store
Did you know you could just buy your PS4 from Sony's own online store in Australia? While the prices you'll find here are strictly RRP, that's more than can be said about the many other jacked-up prices you'll find on the internet at the moment. Best of all, Sony has stock for both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models.


The Gamesmen
Australian games retailer The Gamesmen has finally received some more PS4 stock, with the centerpiece being the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Death Stranding limited edition console bundle. Not only does it include the customized black and white PS4 Pro with handprint design and a copy of Death Stranding, it also includes a transparent yellow Dual Shock 4 controller.

If you're looking for something to move around the house with, we're keeping you informed of where to buy a Nintendo Switch these days, though stock is running exceedingly low. You can also check all the latest PS4 deals and Xbox One sales right here on TechRadar. 

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