WhatsApp dark mode is nearly ready, and plans to cover it in ads have been scrapped

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The long-awaited WhatsApp dark mode is nearly ready for release, judging by files hidden in the app's latest beta release, and WhatsApp's parent company Facebook has reportedly scrapped plans to insert ads into your conversations.

WABetaInfo, which specializes in tearing down WhatsApp beta releases to discover hints of upcoming features, had discovered several new assets in the latest release that show just how close the new dark mode is to completion.

We already know that there are likely to be two different dark modes, optimized for different screens, and will feature icons specifically designed for viewing against black and gray wallpapers. Some beta testers have even managed to get an early peek at the new design thanks to a simple trick involving the app's built-in video player.

The latest discover is small, but reveals that the developers are now making the final touches before releasing dark mode for testing. Alerts in the app showing useful security information will appear in yellow text in dark gray bubbles – a subtle change that suggests the team are happy with most of the new design, and are now fine-tuning and optimizing the interface.

Ads blocked

In further good news, WhatsApp's parent company Facebook has decided to scrap plans to insert ads into your conversations. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Facebook has disbanded a team who were working on a way to build advertisements into conversations.

The company still plans to insert ads into WhatsApp's Status feature (which works much like stories on Facebook and Instagram) later this year, but for the time being, it looks like your group chats will remain clutter-free.

Other changes expected later in 2020 include an option for small businesses to display their stock in the app, essentially turning it into a miniature storefront, and letting you place orders directly, but hopefully dark mode will be the next new addition we see.

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