WhatsApp arrives on Apple CarPlay with full hands-free messaging

Driving and texting don’t mix, but they do now in CarPlay-equipped vehicles thanks to an update that makes WhatsApp compatible for on-the-road usage.

A recent update to the popular messaging app has added Apple CarPlay support, meaning that you can use you voice to text and conversely, your car will be able to read messages aloud inside of your vehicle.

Users have long been able to ask Siri to send messages, which then would do some app interaction on the background to push them through WhatsApp, reports iCulture. But now, an icon can live right on the CarPlay homescreen for fast and easy access to messages.

Apple’s rollout of third-party app support for its vehicle smart heads-up display (HUD) has been slow compared to Google’s Android Auto, but bringing a big app to the dashboard might hint that it’s readying an expansion.

Via SlashGear

Cameron Faulkner

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