What to watch on Netflix Australia: this week’s best new shows and movies

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Locke & Key (7/2/2020)

Locke and Key

(Image credit: Netflix)

Based on a the critically-acclaimed comic series by Joe Hill, son of the great Stephen King, Locke & Key tells the story of three siblings who move into a mysterious house that belonged to their ancestors following the grisly murder of their father. Before long, they realise that the house comes with magical keys that give them powers and abilities. However, it's not long before the keys attract a demon who will stop at nothing to get them.

Horse Girl (7/2/2020)

Horse Girl

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Horse Girl follows Sarah (Alison Brie), a socially-awkward girl who is obsessed with horses and supernatural crime shows, which would be perfectly acceptable if not for the fact that she has trouble distinguishing dream logic from reality. A darkly-humorous psychological thriller, Horse Girl will hopefully offer a side of Brie's acting that we've never seen before.

The Pharmacist: Limited Series (5/2/2020)

The Pharmacist

(Image credit: Netflix)

In this Netflix Original true crime series, a Louisiana pharmacist fights back against America's corrupt pharmaceutical companies and the part they play in the country's growing opioid crisis following the murder of his son. Gripping and harrowing in equal measure, The Pharmacist has all the makings of a new true crime classic.

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Van Helsing: Season 4 (8/2/2020)

My Holo Love (7/2/2020)

Locke & Key (7/2/2020)


Horse Girl (7/2/2020)

The Coldest Game (8/2/2020)


Tom Papa: You're Doing Great! (4/2/2020)


The Pharmacist: Limited Series  (5/2/2020)

Who Killed Malcolm X? (7/2/2020)


Team Kaylie: Part 3 (3/2/2020)

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Season 2 (7/2/2020)


Cagaster of an Insect Cage (6/2/2020)


She Did That (4/2/2020)

Faith, Hope & Love (4/2/2020)

Black Hollywood: ‘They’ve Gotta Have Us’ (5/2/2020)

Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story (5/2/2020)

#cats_the_mewvie (5/2/2020)

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