Oculus Rift is finally a finished product

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has gone though many development iterations over the years, but now the VR company has finally announced it has begun shipping finalized headset hardware.

Unfortunately, Oculus is only shipping its final Rift hardware to developers for now according to a blog post. So if you aren't developing virtual reality games or experiences you'll still have to wait until after the new year and then some.

That said, this is good news because the fact that feature complete hardware is getting out there means Oculus is that much closer to releasing its VR headset to consumers.

What's more, the Facebook-owned company also said the 1.0 version of its Rift SDK is available to download for "developers putting the final touches on launch titles." With any luck this could help get a bunch of titles ready to play when the Oculus Rift actually arrives in the early months of 2016.

For those actually in the development world, Oculus has created a submission tool for coders to get their hands on the new hardware. There's an approval process and only developers making Rift games for the launch will be accepted. Everyone else will have to ride it out with their DK2 units running the 0.8 SDK, a combo that Oculus said is still the right platform for early Rift development.

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