LG Watch Urbane vs Apple Watch


The LG Watch Urbane runs Android Wear, like most smartwatches. It's an OS which needs some work, but is off to a strong start, with great Google Now integration bolstered by accurate voice searches.

It also delivers glanceable notifications, but the Apple Watch will do that too and where Android Wear has Google Now the Apple Watch has Siri.

The two can go blow for blow on paper with, if anything, the Apple Watch coming out on top thanks to extra features like its digital crown which lets you zoom in and out and the ability to draw pictures and send them to friends.

Apple Watch interface

When it comes to the look of the interface both watches should offer a lot of options, with numerous custom Android Wear faces now available and the Apple Watch likely to have at least 11 different customisable faces available from day one.

Of course perhaps the biggest thing differentiating them is that the Apple Watch is only compatible with Apple devices and for now Android Wear is only compatible with Android devices, though Google would like to add iOS compatibility.


Although the LG Watch Urbane isn't out yet it's got a head start in terms of apps as Android Wear has been around for a while and even more apps are being made compatible with it, though the number of fully supported Android Wear apps still isn't as high as we'd like.

Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch is likely to have fewer apps available initially as it's running a new OS, but Apple will be including the basics like a calendar, Maps and a music remote and third party developers are already busy working on apps for it, so expect the number available to quickly explode.


You'll be able to track your steps with the LG Watch Urbane and thanks to its heart rate monitor you'll also be able to get a reading on that, but there's little else here for fitness fans and with its upscale design it doesn't really feel like something you'd wear in the gym anyway.

The Apple Watch is as up or down scale as you want to make it with its customisation options and the sports band option shows that Apple sees it as a potential fitness accessory. That's justified too, as its Activity app keeps track of how much you move during the day as well as logging how many calories you've burnt.

Apple Watch Fitness

It also has a dedicated Workout app, which lets you track pace, speed and more. It lets you set targets, alerts you when you've reached milestones and hands out badges for achievements. Plus like the Watch Urbane it has a heart rate monitor, so if you want to get fit it's by far the better option of the two.


The LG Watch Urbane has a 410 mAh battery, which judging by the G Watch R should translate to around two days of battery life. That's not great for a watch but for a smartwatch it's not bad and if anything is likely to top the Apple Watch.

In fact, Apple has confirmed that you'll need to charge this device every day, which is a bit of a shame considering the lack of GPS.


LG Watch Urbane

With a rumoured price of £299.99 (around $460, AU$590) the LG Watch Urbane isn't cheap, but the Apple Watch is likely to be at least as expensive, starting at $349 in the US, which is likely to translate to around £300 once you add VAT and the like.

Plus that's just a starting price. For the gold Watch Edition you'll be looking at $10,000 and up. Ouch.

James Rogerson

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