Apple Watch likely launching in more countries come June

Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook had nothing but good things to say about the Apple Watch launch, which starting landing on customers wrists Friday, during the company's Q2 earnings call.

The only dark spot on what has otherwise been a successful launch is that demand has outstripped supply. Cook acknowledged as much, and said the company "is working hard to remedy that."

"We made progress over the last week," Cook said, noting more customers got their Watches over the weekend with even more heading out today.

He also said he thinks the company is "in a good position" and that by sometime in late June Apple anticipates launching the Watch in additional countries.

Currently the Apple Watch is only available in nine regions: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. Cook didn't elaborate which countries could see the Watch in a few months, only saying, "We're looking forward to getting it into additional countries in June."

Apps, apps, apps

Calling response to the Apple Watch "overwhelming positive," Cook said one of the biggest wins of the launch was how many apps were immediately available.

He revealed Apple's internal goal was for the Apple Watch to beat the 1,000 apps the iPad had at its launch. The Apple Watch beat it and then some by launching with more than 3,500 apps.

"We thought it'd be great to [beat 1,000 apps] by a little bit," Cook said. "We couldn't be happier than how things are going from that point of view."

Finally, Cook said the company is learning quickly what customer preferences are for the Watch's many configurations.

"In some cases we called that well. In some cases we're making adjustments to get in line with demand," he said of Watch configurations.

Users can pick from three Watch models, two watch face sizes and numerous bands, so clearly Apple is quickly figuring out what its hits and misses are.

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