PlayStation VR teardown shows virtual reality and DIY don't mix

(Image credit: Sony)

The launch of PlayStation VR is fast approaching and for many gamers it’s only a matter of hours before they get their hands on their headset. As a result, we’re really beginning to see Sony drum up hype for the product.

In an attempt to appeal to its more technical-minded and detail oriented fans, Sony has posted a video featuring mechanical design director Takamasa Araki slowly taking the headset apart. 

The video is just over 12 minutes long and although Araki doesn’t go too heavy on minute technical details (you’ll want Sony’s hefty FAQ for that), watching him take the headset apart slowly and methodically is an oddly relaxing experience.

For anyone that has a particular fondness for a neat and organised tabletop, it’s probably essential viewing.

Don't do this at home

The first thing Akari removes from the headset is the rubber light shield, which he says can also be removed easily by headset users, no doubt for cleaning purposes.

After this, he picks up a screwdriver and things get decidedly more complicated and less user-accessible. If you take away anything useful from this video, it’s almost certainly going to be that should your PSVR develop a fault, it’s probably not best to try and fix it yourself. 

You can watch the video in all its detailed glory below:

Emma Boyle

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