Watch out, Amazon: Barnes & Noble is back with an affordable new Nook

(Image credit: Barnes & Noble)

Hoping to power through your reading backlog this Thanksgiving weekend? You may be interested in Barnes & Nobles' newest Nook tablet (opens in new tab), which comes out this Black Friday for an equally frugal cost of $49.99.

The Android-powered 7" Nook Tablet (opens in new tab), set to debut November 25,  features a  1024 x 600 IPS display, 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras, 8GB of built-in storage, and can expand out to 128GB with a sold-separately microSD card - bravo to you if you can fill that much space out with just books, by the way.

Barnes & Noble tells us that the 7" Nook Tablet will be US-only, though that may be for the best, as the company already discontinued selling Nook content (opens in new tab) for UK-based devices back in March, passing the buck to Sainsbury's Entertainment - which in turn is discontinuing selling digital content (opens in new tab) itself this December.

The upcoming Nook's price is comfortably low, but not unchallenged. The Amazon Fire tablet matches its price at $49.99/£49.99, alongside an amped-up HD version (opens in new tab) for $89.99/£89.99. 

Should you not already be beholden to Amazon's premium Prime service, the tie-breaker between the cheap e-books may simply come down to your preference in bookseller. 

Parker Wilhelm
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