Want to learn more about Covid-19? WHO’s new WhatsApp bot will text you facts

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Just about every news story at the moment is related to Covid-19, which can start to feel a bit overwhelming, especially when there’s misinformation mixed in with the facts. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has created a WhatsApp bot that can help you cut through the noise.

Its bot can send you the latest information at the tap of a button, including the latest numbers, advice on how to protect yourself, 'mythbusters', news and announcements, and answers to common questions about the virus.

A simple menu

There’s a simple menu you can follow, just tapping the relevant number to get the relevant information. As it’s from the WHO, you can be confident the information is authoritative and up to date, and as it’s all from one source (and it’s up to you when and what information you ask for) it never becomes an overwhelming info dump.

To get the WhatsApp bot, just tap this link from your phone and send the word ‘join’, or add the number +41 79 893 18 92 to your contacts, then start a WhatsApp chat with that number and send the word ‘join’.

You can find Covid-19 information on the WHO’s website too, but the WhatsApp bot is a slick, convenient way to access it, especially if you’re glued to your phone.

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