7 ways to supercharge your Nokia N95

5) Add widgets

If you're used to getting widgets on your desktop PC or Mac, the idea of getting widgets on your phone will be hugely attractive. These small web-based apps can deliver news, information, blog posts, and virtually anything updates from websites direct to your phone screen. You don't have to log on the web to get it - the latest info is automatically fed to the widget on your phone display.

Nokia has developed a platform for delivering free widgets to a wide range of mobiles. Nokia-owned widget developer WidSets currently has over 1,400 widgets available covering numerous areas, from social networking to sports news.

6) Software update

The beauty of a smartphone is that you can add programs, productivity tools and reference information to suit you. There are masses to choose from (see www.handango.co.uk to look at what you can get for the S60 platform). But here are two that are well worth considering....

First, the N95 has a full complement of utilities to enable you to read documents that come attached to emails, or that you are carrying around with you for reference. But what if you want to actually edit or compose a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet? In order to do this you will need to download a suitable bit of software. MobiSystems OfficeSuite 3 , costing a very reasonable £15.50.

For those who want to save money on their calls, consider getting VoIP software that allows you to make calls over the internet using a Wi-Fi link. Could save you a packet, particularly if you make a lot of call abroad a lot - or call others users that can use VoIP. Check out Truphone to see what's in it for you.

7) Bluetooth keyboard

The Achilles' Heel of the N95 is that it is not a heavyweight smartphone. It may be billed as a portable computer, but without a touch-sensitive screen or typewriter keyboard this pocketable mobile is not really an alternative to a laptop. However, you can soon make it much more productive - by adding a typewriter console. A Bluetooth keyboard, such as the Nokia SU-8W (£80) - will have you answering those emails and typing reports much faster than you can with the numberpad alone.

Chris George

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