Vodafone has extended its Unlimited plans to include mobile broadband

vodafone mobile broadband
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Vodafone is spreading the data love across its mobile broadband range. You can now get an unlimited data plan for the likes of tablets, data SIMs, mobile Wi-Fi and, of course, dongles at a cheaper price than normal broadband deals.

Mobile broadband is an area where lots of data is used, especially in the case of dongles. From £28 per month you can get access to all the data you could want without needing to worry that you'll ever run out.

While there is a lot of 4G coverage in the UK, there's also the option to tap into the super speeds of a 5G connection. For this you'll need to pay for the Unlimited Max plan, from £33 per month, but that will get you speeds up to ten times faster than 4G offers. Another advantage of the Max plan is that you also get unlimited data while roaming abroad with over 100 places in the UK and Europe that are 5G fast.

- You can discover all of Vodafone's mobile broadband plans on its website

Vodafone Unlimited offers speeds up to 10Mb with 48 free roaming destinations. Vodafone Unlimited Max offers speeds "as fast as the device will allow" with 77 inclusive roaming destinations including 48 in Europe and 29 including the US, Canada, Australia and Jamaica. 

Max Taylor, consumer director at Vodafone UK says: "We launched our market leading range of Unlimited mobile tariffs last year and now we expand Unlimited to include Mobile Broadband plans. Our customers are empowered to do more of what they love, wherever they may be on the UK’s best mobile data network."

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