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The Visible wireless plan is one of our favorite prepaid plans here at TechRadar and the choice of many looking for a cheap unlimited data plan. It's already great value, however we've just spotted a great little feature for existing users that's mostly hidden from keen eyes.

Off to the side of the main site is the Visible referral program - which might just be one of the best Visible deals going right now. If you weren't already aware, this feature allows you to give a code to a new user to use at checkout for $20 off a month of data at Visible. All you have to do is log into your account and find your referral link to get a code that you can share out. 

This awesome little feature is stackable for up to 12 maximum referral credits at a time - meaning you can potentially get a whole year of service for just $5 per month. Even better still, your friend will also get $20 off their first month at Visible, which is a pretty fantastic way to try out the carrier at very little cost.

It's curious why the Visible referral page is so hidden on the site - it's almost like they don't want people to know about this excellent feature. Anyway, speculation aside - if you're already a Visible member or are interested and know someone who is, this is a great little money-saving tip right here. Bundle it up with one of Visible's two extremely reasonably priced unlimited data plans and you've got great value.

Visible Wireless plans for $5 a month

Visible referral program: plans as low as $5/mo after referral

Visible referral program: plans as low as $5/mo after referral
Sign up a friend to Visible to get $20 off a month of service at this excellent prepaid carrier. Your friend will get $20 off a month of service - and, you can even refer multiple people for multiple months at a reduced cost. To get access to your referral code, sign in to your account and find your referral link.

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