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UK's biggest ever DVD piracy crackdown begins

Police cracking down on the DVD pirates
Police cracking down on the DVD pirates

A major crackdown in counterfeit DVDs has begun, following a successful campaign around London.

The raids in the capital have, according to Sky News, resulted in 39 arrests and the seizure of around 90,000 discs – 60,000 of the DVDs were found in just one property.

One room in the house was filled entirely with hardcore pornography – a dream from some, but a nightmare for legitimate distributors.

Big business

The police initiative is being backed up by some movie heavyweights. These include: the UK film industry, the Intellectual Property Office, London councils, London Trading Standards Association and the Metropolitan Police.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) has also been helping the police with the campaign.

DVD piracy is big business in the UK, with around £200 million in revenue lining the pockets of criminals, resulting in £500 million in lost sales for the film companies.