Overnight news roundup: 6-7 December

A new iPhone firmware update may be on the way this weekend

An upcoming Apple iPhone software update could bring voice recording and disk mode to the device, allowing owners to use their iPhones as an external hard drive. That's according to an unconfirmed report which claims that a significant update to the iPhone (to be named firmware version 1.1.3) could be released as early as this weekend.

The update will allegedly offer much of the functionality users have been asking for since the release of the popular Apple handset.

Easy file storing may be on its way

Along with a voice recorder that will allow iPhone owners to record voice memos and even lectures, it is claimed that it will be possible to use the disk mode for general purposes. It will offer a simple interface to make transferring files as easy as possible.

"The disk feature behaves like the equivalent for iPods and will still block users from simply dragging and dropping content to load the phone with playable music," the report states. So far, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the claims, but if the company does release an upgrade, expect all current exploits being used to unlock the device to be patched.

In other news...

Microsoft announced that it will be releasing seven patches for Windows Vista on Tuesday 11 December and that three of those will be ranked 'critical'. The first critical patch will address Vista's use of DirectX versions 7.0 through 10.0, while another affects Microsoft Media Format. The final patch will be a cumulative update for Internet Explorer.

Samsung on Thursday unleashed its first mobile phone to sport AMOLED technology. This improves upon LED technology by offering better contrast and response times, as well as wider viewing angles and a longer battery life. Besides the updated screen, Samsung's SPH-W2400 sports a twisting display, which makes viewing video clips much easier. The phone is available now and costs approximately $541 (£262).

In more Samsung news, a company spokesperson told reporters that its dual HD DVD and Blu-ray player, the DB-UP5000, is slated for a "mid-to-late December" launch. And it won't come in at the original price of $999 (£480). Instead the machine, which can play both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies, will be released with a $799 (£384) price tag.