Twitter wants to simplify finding information during disasters

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Twitter is the first place where most of the new come from before anywhere else in real-time. The micro-blogging site in India is now adding a dedicated search prompt that helps you stay updated with the latest authoritative info from authentic sources.

Here’s how Twitter is trying to help you get news from authoritative sources. When you search for a certain keyword that is associated with the disaster relief, you will be prompted directly to relevant information and source that’s available on the platform. This is an addition to already existing #ThereIsHelp prompt on Twitter.

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Twitter India has teamed up with the National Disaster Response Force (@NDRFHQ) in India to expand its efforts towards handling disaster situations. It will be available on Android, iOS, and in India. It will be available in English and Hindi languages. The Twitter team will verify and review that feature at regular intervals to keep the search prompt relevant to the keyword used. 


English: cyclone, DisasterRelief, earthquake, flood, floods, heavyrainfall, hurricane, Landslides, NDMA, NDRF, rain, rainfall, SDRF, storm, thunderstorm, tsunami

Hindi: आंधी, आंधीतूफान, आपदा, एनडीआरएफ, चक्रवात, तूफान, बाढ़, बारिश, भूकंप, भूचाल, भूस्खलन, राज्यआपदाप्रतिक्रियाबल, सुनामी, राष्ट्रीयआपदाप्रतिक्रियाबल, राष्ट्रीयआपदाप्रबंधनएजेंसी

When you search for any of the above-mentioned keywords on Twitter, you will also get a list of government agencies which are working towards Disaster response and relief in India, which helps to maintain the credibility.

How to search for credible information around disaster management on Twitter

Mobile app

  • Go to Explore tab
  • Type and search any related keyword
  • A prompt on ‘Get the latest updates’ will appear along with NDRF account


  • Go to Home
  • Type and search any related keyword
  • A prompt on ‘Get the latest updates’ will appear along with NDRF account

Since many people are searching for disaster management related keywords in India recently, this will help get credible news from verified sources instead of rumours and false news. 

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