Top 5 unique features of the Galaxy Note 8

After months of leaks, speculation and hype, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally official. The latest Note flagship from Samsung comes with a range of improvements over the previous generation. Features like Live Focus, Live Messages, an S-Pen that also comes with an IP68 rating and many other unique features make the Galaxy Note 8 worth all the hype and wait.

Quite often, Samsung’s Note series has been known for introducing many innovations in the smartphone industry. Samsung has been using this series to launch new features and improvising on existing ones. Essentially, Samsung identifies a few features that can enhance productivity and tries to build on it using the Galaxy Note series.

This year is no different. With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has introduced some new features while taking some other features to the next level. For many users and Samsung fans, the Galaxy Note 8 presents the best that Samsung can offer. Understandably, it does cost a little more compared to the previous generations, but innovation comes at a price.

In this post today, we look at some of the best unique features of the Galaxy Note 8.

Dual Camera setup with OIS

Dual camera setups have existed for quite a while now. There are many smartphones in the budget segment as well that feature two cameras on the back. But finding a phone that uses these dual camera setups properly can be quite a task.

Samsung, for its part, seems to have figured out this problem. The Galaxy Note 8 features two 12MP cameras on the back that both feature Optical Image Stabilisation. Samsung claims that this is the first time a dual camera setup has featured OIS on both the sensors. Additionally, the two sensors also feature Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology and Phase Detection Autofocus.

The Galaxy Note 8 also comes with a feature called Live Focus that lets you shoot portrait photos with a fancy bokeh effect. Samsung says that you can adjust the bokeh effect before and after you take the shot.

App Pairing

App pairing is another interesting new feature that lets you utilize that huge 6.3-inch display to its fullest. If you thought multi-window feature was really good, you’ll probably enjoy app pairing as well as it makes it even faster to use multi-window.

Simply put, app pairing allows you to pair two apps that can be launched together from the homescreen or in App Edge. This feature opens both the apps in split screen mode, allowing you to do two tasks faster than ever before.

For example, you can pair YouTube with the Notes app. Using App Pairing, you will be able to launch both the apps in a single click.

New DeX capabilities

Samsung has launched its DeX dock for its flagship smartphones, giving you a desktop experience without the desktop. DeX becomes even more useful when used with phones that have big screens, like the Galaxy Note 8.

While the DeX dock has existed for a while now, Samsung has added new abilities to better use Galaxy Note 8’s power. With DeX Labs, a majority of the apps can now be used in full-screen mode. Samsung has also modified the DeX user interface to have an overview of more apps and optimized video conferencing and email experience.

In addition to productivity updates, Samsung has also expanded support for new video streaming services and games. Staying productive and having fun with the DeX has never been this easy.

Live Messages

S-Pen has been one of the core features of the Galaxy Note series, and Samsung has not forgotten about it. With the Galaxy Note 8 and its new S-Pen, Samsung has introduced a feature called Live Messages. This is in effect a GIF maker – using the S-Pen, you can now draw a sketch and the Note 8 will create an animated GIF out of it. You can then send this new GIF to your friends or save it to your device.

Essentially, you could turn the Galaxy Note 8 into a GIF making machine and surprise your friends with your GIF-making talent.

Screen-off Memo

The Galaxy Note series has been really focused on productivity. Last year, Samsung introduced the ability to write on the phone with the screen turned off. With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is making it even better – you can now write up to 100 pages of notes without even turning the screen on.

Apart from that, you can create reminders and quick to-do lists as well. To make it even better, the Note 9 will let you edit your existing notes as well, making it really useful for when you need to add or cross off items in your to-do lists, for example.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a great display of the best that Samsung has managed to come up with so far. The massive (and breath-taking) 6.3-inch Infinity display, the bezel-less design, Dual cameras with Live Focus, app pairing and other features say just one thing – the Galaxy Note 8 is not just all about hardware innovation, it’s also about software. Samsung has struck a very good balance between innovation and improvisation as well as fun and productivity.