TomTom may soon stop making wearables and action cameras

TomTom may be ending production of its line of fitness trackers and sports watches after disappointing sales.

Key members of the TomTom wearables team have left the company in recent weeks, according to sources known to Wareable.

This comes shortly after the company published its Q2 earnings report that showed a 20% year-on-year decline in revenue from the wearables space.

No more Spark

The source also claims the company had been producing a TomTom Bandit 2 camera, but now the plans have been shelved for the foreseeable future, suggesting the company may stop making action cameras as well.

TomTom CEO Haold Goddijn followed up the earnings report with an investors call in which he said "We want to focus on Automotive, Licensing and Telematics businesses and we are reviewing strategic options for our Sports business." 

Goddijn didn't comment on whether he wanted to close or keep open the 'Sports' arm of the TomTom business. TechRadar asked TomTom for comment, but a spokesperson said the company would not comment on rumor or speculation.

The report comes less than a week after the news of Intel dropping its wearables division and further word of fitness tracker company Jawbone shutting down.

If this new report about TomTom is true, it may mean we won't see a follow-up to the TomTom Spark 3 (which features in our best fitness tracker ranking), Touch Cardio or Runner 3.

James Peckham

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