This Xbox Series X size comparison video shows how it stacks up to consoles past and present

Xbox Series X release date
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We’ve known the dimensions of the Xbox Series X for quite some time now, but nothing beats stacking two pieces of hardware up against each other for a proper comparison. It would be great to know, for example, whether the Xbox Series is the same size of two GameCubes stacked on top of each other, or three…

Thankfully, we finally have an answer to that question thanks to a Polish YouTuber, Maniak Gaming, who seems to have got his hands on a prototype or demonstration model of the console. The answer, if you’re wondering, is about three GameCubes – give or take.

In the video below, the Xbox Series X is stacked up against consoles from past and present, including the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Due to its tower-style design, the console fares rather well when compared with previous iterations, especially when you consider the powerful hardware that’s crammed inside.

The console still looks rather odd when placed on its side, though, particularly if the Xbox logo can’t be rotated in the final retail version. The stand also looks like it can’t be removed, so unless you’re really keen on having the Xbox Series X horizontal, you’re best standing it vertically for the most aesthetically pleasing look.

Chunky consoles

Xbox Series X gamecube

(Image credit: Maniak Gaming)

How will the size of the Xbox Series X compare to the PS5, though? We know that the PS5 is likely to be significantly bigger than older Sony consoles, thanks to some clever calculations based on the next console’s disc drive slot. It also might be the second heaviest console ever made, weighing in at just under 11 pounds. 

We’re still patiently waiting for Microsoft to announce a price for the Xbox Series X, though we do know the next-gen console will release in November, 2020. Halo Infinite won’t be launching alongside it, however, as the game was recently delayed.

Microsoft is also set to announce a more affordable Xbox Series S model, which has all but been confirmed thanks to the controller's official retail packaging

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