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This Samsung 860 Evo deal is a fire last-minute SSD gift deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you have to do some last minute shopping for someone that's into components, getting a nice, capacious SSD is an excellent idea - you can never have too much storage. 

Right now at Amazon ahead of Christmas, you can get a 1TB Samsung 860 Evo for just $109, down from the list price of $199. For a 1TB drive from a brand with a storied legacy like Samsung, we'd call that an amazing bargain, especially this close to Christmas.

Samsung 860 Evo 1TB: $199 $109 at Amazon
The Samsung 860 Evo is one of the most beloved SSDs on the market, thanks to its unique combination of performance, reliability and price. And, with this last-minute Christmas deal, you can pick up this SSD for as little as $109 for a 1TB drive.

This SSD won't be the speediest on the market thanks to the aging SATA III connection, but it's still leagues faster than even the best hard drives out there. And, with a capacity of 1TB, it'll be more than enough storage to toss into any laptop, computer or even gaming console.

And if you do need it as a last minute computing Christmas gift, you're in luck. Thanks to Amazon's ubiquity, you'll still be able to get it by Christmas Eve, but you're going to have to order it today - the sooner the better.