This retailer has the best iPhone 12 and 12 Mini deals we've seen yet

iPhone 12 deals
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Apple isn't exactly a brand known for its price drops, often wielding hefty prices for months on end with its new handsets. And yet, on both the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, we've already started to see some substantial deals appear.

One retailer has managed to take the top spot with both iPhone 12 deals and the smaller mini handset, offering big data plans for pretty affordable price points.

Of the two, the iPhone 12 contract stands out the most. It supplies a completely unlimited data, calls and texts plan while only charging £37 a month and £95 upfront - the best price we've seen yet.

And, for those on more of a budget, the same retailer has the top iPhone 12 mini deals too. With 100GB of data for £34 a month and £49 upfront, it's a big saving over the above deal and the best mini deal we've seen yet.

The cheapest iPhone 12 deal yet:

iPhone 12 : at Fonehouse| Three | Unlimited data,  minutes and texts | £95 upfront | £37 per month
The best iPhone 12...

iPhone 12 : at Fonehouse| Three | Unlimited data,  minutes and texts | £95 upfront | £37 per month
This is the best iPhone 12 deal we've seen yet, beating out anything that appeared over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It supplies a completely unlimited data, calls, and texts package on the Three network while only charging £37 a month and £95 upfront. Considering it's one of the cheapest prices around, that unlimited cap is pretty impressive.

Get the cheapest iPhone 12 mini deal instead:

iPhone 12 mini: at Fonehouse | Three | £49 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £34 per month

iPhone 12 mini: at Fonehouse | Three | £49 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £34 per month
The above more than you would rather pay? Or do you prefer a smaller, one-handed phone experience? This iPhone 12 min deal could be the better choice for you. It supplies 100GB of data while only charging you £34 a month and £49 upfront. While this doesn't have the unlimited cap seen above, 100GB should be plenty for most people's needs.

Why should I get an iPhone 12 or 12 mini deal?

iPhone 12:
The new iPhone 12 is at its core an incremental update on the iPhone 12. Other than the fact Apple has now joined the world of 5G and a clever new Magsafe feature for wireless charging, there aren't a whole load of unique new features.

However, Apple has significantly improved the camera, especially when it comes to low light shots and video. It has also introduced its A14 Bionic chip, the fastest processor in any of its phones.

Elsewhere, the design of the phone has been re-done. It has made the bezel smaller and squared off the sides (making it look rather iPhone 5-ish).

iPhone 12

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iPhone 12 mini:
In a world where smartphones and flagships keep getting bigger, the iPhone 12 mini is unique. It sits at just 5.4-inches but uses the same high-end Super Retina displays as the rest of the iPhone 12 family.

Despite its size and lowered price tag, the iPhone 12 mini is still able to offer 5G capability, Apple's MagSafe feature, the upgraded A14 Bionic chip and even the Dolby Vision technology found in the iPhone 12 range and nowhere else.

For those who like small phones, this is likely going to be the best choice out there right now.

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