This new Adidas spin shoe is strategically designed to prevent sweaty socks

Person's foot wearing Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoe clipped into spin bike pedal
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Adidas has released a new shoe specifically designed for indoor cycling, with lots of extra ventilation to prevent your feet overheating during a tough session on a spin bike or turbo trainer.

A pair of cycling shoes can make a world of difference to a spin class; they're much less hassle than strapping your regular training shoes onto the pedals, the stiffer soles allow you to transfer energy more efficiently, and they keep your feet properly aligned as you work. Any cycling shoes will do, but a pair made to handle wind and rain can get unpleasantly clammy after a few minutes on a spin bike or turbo trainer. 

To solve that problem, Adidas has designed its aptly named Indoor Cycling Shoes with a lightweight upper and extra breathable mesh panels to encourage airflow.

For the great indoors

A strap at the back of the ankle makes them easy to pull on when your session is scheduled to start, and they're secured snugly with simple hook-and-loop fastenings rather than a ratchet system (which is better suited to long road rides where your feet are likely to swell slightly).

There are also heel and toe cups that make it easier to walk to your bike and stagger off afterwards – a big advantage for such a stiff shoe.

Overhead shot of Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoe showing hook-and-loop fastening

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The upper is made from at least 50% recycled material to reduce the use of virgin plastic. Adidas has been making big strides in its use of sustainable materials over recent years. For example, its new Adidas Adistar running shoes use both recycled nylon and reclaimed Parley Ocean Plastic rather than all-new fibers and foam.

The Indoor Cycling Shoe is available now direct from Adidas for $130 in the US or £110 in the UK. It's now too late to order in time for Christmas, but they could be a gift to yourself if your new year's resolution is to get more use out of your indoor riding setup.

Analysis: Making spinning more sustainable

It's great to see companies like Adidas taking care to source their materials more responsibly, but that's only part of the picture. The best way to reduce the environmental impact of your hobby is to take good care of your cycling shoes and make them last as long as possible.

Off-road shoes often take a beating that cuts their lifespan, but road or indoor cycling shoes can last several years as they're rarely in contact with the ground. In fact, one of the best things you can do to extend your shoes' life is to avoid walking in them at all.

Cyclist's foot clipped into pedal wearing Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoe

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The new Adidas shoes may have toe and heel cups, but walking any real distance puts strain on the construction and can damage cleats, so is best avoided. It's better to keep them beside your bike or turbo, and change just before you hop on.

It's also important to keep your spin shoes clean to avoid dirt and sweat damaging the material. Adidas will provide its own care instructions, but generally speaking it's recommended to use nothing more than water and a very mild soap. Putting them through the washing machine isn't a great idea; the agitation and impact of a wash cycle can cause unnecessary wear.

Always allow your shoes to air thoroughly after wearing, rather than stashing them in a bag, so they have an opportunity to dry properly. It's a small step, but can make a big difference to your shoes' life.

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