This latest PS5 rumor sounds too good to be true

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As we draw closer to the PS5's release date in late 2020, it's understandable that the rumor mill is working overtime. But, while some rumors hold a bit more weight than others, there are a few that need be taken with more than just a pinch of salt. 

The latest PS5 'leak' posted on 4Chan is one such rumor, supposedly spilling a bunch of information on the PS5 reveal event which is expected to take place in February. The leak, which was reposted on Reddit, claims that the PS5 will be unveiled on February 5 at a PlayStation Meeting event for the media. 

According to the leaker, the event will see Sony revealing the console's design and specs, several PS5 exclusives, a renewed focus on PlayStation Now, alongside the console's price and various other features.

You can check out the full 'leaked' list of information below:

Massive PS5 February event information (4chan leak) from r/PS5

Why we don't believe it

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Well, let's break it down. Starting with the source itself, an anonymous poster on 4Chan, who could basically be anyone. This post doesn't even give its original source, making us even more skeptical. How did this person get hold of this information? Why should we believe it? Even if they're trying to hide their identity, we would be taking this information entirely on face value.

Next up is the glaring issue in the information, the mention that Sony will show more at E3 2020. Sony has already confirmed it won't be attending E3 again this year. Someone in the know would likely be aware of that.

It mostly feels like this rumor is someone taking an educated guess based on information we already have. Rumors that the reveal event will take place in February have been swirling for a while, as have whispers of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God of War 2.

Maybe some of the information is correct, but we do think this is largely a rumor that encompasses many smaller rumors that we've heard about.

But what about the slogan?

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The biggest part of this leak, that has led some to believe it could be legit, is the reference to the PS5's slogan: "it's time to play".

The PlayStation Europe Twitter page has changed its bio to include this phrase, so we imagine it probably is the new slogan. However, whether it was changed before the leaked information or after is still up in the air. If it was changed before then it's probably still an educated guess, but if it was after then it could potentially add more weight to the leak.

However, as we mentioned above, we would expect that if any of this leak is true then it'll only be some of it - especially with the mention of E3 2020.

Several rumors have suggested that a PlayStation 5 reveal event will take place in February, but Sony hasn't confirmed anything. Whether it'll be February 5, as the leak suggests, remains a mystery - but we're skeptical. 

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