This dog car seat deal promised me freedom from my Shiba Inu – but it was a lie

Lily the Shiba Inu deal
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With countless Black Friday deals and discounts now available from almost every retailer under the sun, it can be a great time to buy something practical. 

A car seat for your dog, for example, can really improve your quality of life and make journeys far less stressful… unless you have a Japanese Shiba Inu, that is.

I’ve had my Shiba Inu, Lily, for just over a year now, and in that time I’ve discovered one thing: Shibes aren’t like other dogs. 

In fact, despite being one of the most ancient dog breeds around, I’m convinced they’re more akin to a fox than a dog at this point. And there’s a reason why people don’t let foxes in their homes.

Shiba Inus are stubborn, hyperactive, stupidly clever, and will have you under their fluffy-faced spell from day one. They’ll hide under couches at the slightest noise, rip the plaster off your walls so you won’t get your deposit back, and have a very pleasant habit of gobbling up their poo when left unattended, because sure, why not?

Lily the Shibe

(Image credit: Future)

The problem is… you want to stay mad at them, but you just can’t. It’s physically impossible, and they know it. They’re just too damn cute, cuddly, and downright hilarious that you’ll instant forgive all their grievances as your heart breaks into a million pieces when they come and snuggle up to you at night.

So what happens if you try and put a Shiba Inu in a car seat? Well, Shibes can listen to commands, but only when they want to. If it isn’t their decision, you’ll no doubt be treated to the infamous Shiba scream and have as much luck catching them when they bolt off into the sunset as a greased-up piglet.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I came across this cracking car seat deal from ZEEXIPDR, which clearly shows a Shiba Inu sitting happily as you drive towards your destination. 

(Image credit: ZEEXIPDR)

While the photo does look a little suss upon further inspection, I can tell you now that there is only one place a Shiba will sit in the car – at the front, on someone’s lap, and not in any car seat. Here's the deal below if you have a regular dog. 

Today's best dog car set Black Friday deal

ZEEXIPDR dog car seat: £40.98 £5.30 at AmazonSave £5.30 -

ZEEXIPDR dog car seat: £40.98 £5.30 at Amazon
Save £5.30 - While this deal isn’t worth it to any Shiba Inu owners, anyone else who owns an actual dog may benefit from putting their pupper in this safe little enclosed space when driving. How I envy you. 

It’s easy to recognize a fellow Japanese Shiba Inu owner from a distance. Sure, they’ll tell you that they love their dog, bear, cat, fox-type creature that now runs their entire life with all their heart (and they do). 

But their disheveled appearance and bloodshot eyes show that this innocent-looking Shiba that wants to be pet, but not like that you savage, is running them ragged. Please, spare a thought for them this Black Friday (and every other day of the year too.)

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