This blisteringly nippy Samsung 970 Evo SSD is nearly £50 off today

Samsung 970 Evo

When the worlds of high-end tech and relatively wallet-friendly pricing collide, it’s always a happy occasion, and none more so than the reduction Amazon has applied to the 500GB version of Samsung’s 970 Evo SSD, knocking £46 off the asking price.

That means you can buy this NVMe solid-state drive for a much more palatable £90.99, compared to the recommended retail price of £136.99.

For the money, you get an SSD which uses almost the same 64-layer MLC V-NAND tech that you’ll find inside Samsung’s higher-end (and much pricier) Pro solid-state drives.

The 970 Evo is stunningly fast, and we found it outdid WD’s Black PCIe SSD rival drives in our benchmarking, and even beat out Samsung’s 960 Pro. Which is one of the reasons it’s top of our list of best SSDs.

In our review, the main complaint we had was that the smaller capacity versions of this SSD haven’t seen much of a price reduction compared to their predecessor drives. Handily, this discount handles that bugbear.

Remember, this is a deal of the day from Amazon, so you’ll have to pull the trigger before tomorrow rolls around if you fancy grabbing one of these. Deal expires at 23:59 December 18.

Samsung 970 Evo 500GB SSD

Samsung 970 Evo 500GB SSD £136.99 £90.99 at Amazon
This is an NVMe SSD which includes some nifty features like built-in tech to guard against overheating, and it scooped one of our ‘best in class’ awards. It has been reduced by £46 in this deal of the day.

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