These 4K projectors come with made-to-order cabinets – but they'll cost you

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Want a projector, but without having an ugly box in your living room? Projector maker Vava may have a solution – with a series of ultra short-throw projector cabinets designed to keep the hardware hidden away while in use.

The cabinets come via Joshua Howe Design, a "multidisciplinary furniture and lighting studio based in New York". The studio specializes in steel and concrete, and offers a mix of projector cabinet designs made out of carbon steel – specifically designed for the excellent Vava 4K projector we reviewed earlier in 2020.

The cabinet enables you to keep projector hardware out of sight, while still allowing the projection beam onto a wall or screen through a slit or gap in the uppermost side of the furniture.

There are a variety of different styles and sizes, depending on whether you want the furniture small or large, with projection slits in its center or on one side. As ever, what you want will depend on the needs of your home, but every cabinet is made to order to assist this.

Steel yourself

Of course, a made-to-order carbon steel cabinet does cost a pretty penny. While the exact amount depends on the specific dimensions of each piece, we're told that prices start at $2,600 for a small (24x19x12in) model, going up to $3,400 for a medium (36x19x12in), $4,200 for a large (48x19x12in), and $5,000 for an extra-large (60x19x12in).

There's also an option to add in a motorized sliding top – to reveal the projector in style, it seems – though that will naturally raise costs further.

It's definitely something of an ask for would-be buyers: even the smallest option here is around the same price as the projector ($2,799). It's worth bearing in mind that the Vava 4K projector isn't exactly unsightly either – the curved casing and soft fabric covering is pretty stylish, in our minds, and you can shop in either black or white to make sure it suits your surroundings. 

Part of the appeal of a projector is that it takes up less space than a television, so you may not feel a need to double-dip purchase with this additional cabinet. However, if you have the cash, and need something to put the thing on, this is certainly a sleek solution.

Cabinets can be ordered on the JHD website, with provides you with a $100 promo code for purchasing the cabinet through Vava's own portal – but you do need to make the purchases in that order. You can also find the projector at BestBuy and Amazon (see the latest prices below).

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