The Xbox Series X logo looks different to what we imagined

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has patented the Xbox Series X logo, but it's quite a big departure from previous designs.

Spotted on Reddit by Windows Central, an official trademark listing for the Xbox Series X logo was filed on April 16, 2020, showing a very different look to what we've seen for Microsoft's consoles to date.

The logo shows the word 'Series' in a vertical formation, next to a stylized 'X'. It's a more mature and minimalist design for Xbox, but it's somewhat simplistic and – in our opinion – looks more suited to a sports brand. 

(Image credit: Microsoft)

However, this minimalist, futuristic approach is something we should probably expect from Microsoft when it comes to the Xbox Series X. After all, the console's design is a radical departure from what we seen with the Xbox One, with the Series X sporting a gaming PC tower design. 

And Sony seems to be taking a similar approach with the PS5, suggesting these consoles are no longer playthings but masterful gaming machines.

Logos are a-changing

Xbox One X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We can't help but miss the Xbox One's logo, though obviously a new generation means new branding. 

According to the patent, this is the Xbox Series X logo we'll see on everything from the console itself to clothing, keychains, toys and even kitchen utensils. Although, we think Microsoft is just trying to cover all bases and it's unlikely we'll see an Xbox Series X spatula anytime soon. 

Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed the logo yet, but we're expecting the company will unveil it, alongside plenty of other juicy details, at the Xbox Series X's official reveal that's rumored to take place in May

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