New Rings of Power trailer provides more questions than answers

Robert Aramayo's Elrond squats down in a field in The Rings of Power on Prime Video
The Rings of Power's new teaser poses more questions than before. (Image credit: Ben Rothstein/Amazon Studios)

The official trailer for The Rings of Power has landed online – and the latest teaser proves that Amazon isn't willing to give up many of the show's secrets pre-release.

Released on July 14, the newest trailer for Amazon's Lord of the Rings is packed with stunning shots, dramatic and thrilling moments, and snippets of fantasy-based action. The upcoming Prime Video series looks like its eye-popping budget has been put to good use, too, as well as being a faithful representation of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary fantasy book series.

However, the teaser only continues to, well, tease what to expect ahead of release, rather than confirming (or denying) anything significant. Check out The Rings of Power's new trailer below:

Admittedly, Amazon Studios has packed a lot of content into the trailer's two and a half minute runtime. 

Every major character, from Morfydd Clark's Galadriel and Robert Aramayo's Elrond, to Maxim Baldry's Isildur and Owain Arthur's Durin IV, is given some screen time in the latest trailer. And, to be fair to Amazon and The Rings of Power's chief creative team, the identities of other key characters who'll appear – and the actors playing them – are pretty much confirmed in the newest batch of footage. You can read more about them and other interesting tidbits in our trailer breakdown article.

Additionally, we already know that there'll be four main narratives that The Rings of Power's first season will follow, so there's clearly plenty of story to tell in the show's initial batch of episodes. Unlike the first teaser, which was released in February, we're given a much clearer look at the beginnings of all four storylines, too, which you can read about in our Rings of Power guide.

Despite the slight revelations that we get in this new trailer, though, there's still plenty that we don't know about The Rings of Power. And, with the hints, teases, and potential misdirects that the new trailer contains, the latest teaser only provides us with more questions than answers ahead of Amazon's Lord of the Rings launching later this year. 

Some queries have already been asked extensively by Lord of the Rings diehards and general TV fans. Who is Meteor Man? Where exactly does The Rings of Power begin on the Middle-earth timeline? And, most importantly, will Amazon do justice to Tolkien's legendary works?

Morfydd Clark's Galadriel tries to help Charlie Vickers' Halbrand during a storm in The Rings of Power on Prime Video

Reaching out for answers about The Rings of Power like... (Image credit: Ben Rothstein/Amazon Studios)

The latest trailer's arrival, however, only adds more questions to the pile. What does Galadriel claim to have seen in her heated exchange with Elrond? What are the relationships like between Middle-earth's various races as the series begins? How big of a role will Númenor play in proceedings compares to the elven and dwarven kingdoms? Will The Rings of Power tackle Isildur's story in a way that naturally ends with his crucial decision not to destroy the One Ring after defeating Sauron? And speaking of the Dark Lord, where on Earth is he?!

We get it, teaser trailers are just that – teasers. They're meant to build excitement for a movie or TV show's arrival. If Amazon really wants viewers to have a good grasp of The Rings of Power before it arrives, however, the studio needs to give up a few more of its secrets and answer some pressing questions fans have. 

We're not asking for much – we'll take small revelations, if nothing else. But, it would be good to have some idea of how the show's multiple narratives intersect and stand apart from each other, where its key players are when the series begins, and a bit more on what we can expect from The Rings of Power overall.

Hopefully, it won't be long before Amazon reveals more about its Lord of the Rings prequel series. At the time of writing, we still don't have an official plot synopsis, so it's possible that a few of these queries will be answered when one is released. We'll update this article if we receive one from Amazon Studios or the series' showrunners in due course.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power launches exclusively on Prime Video on Friday, September 2.

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