The Office will come to Peacock in January with new, never-seen-before clips

The Office
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After finding success on Netflix for the better part of the last decade, The Office will be leaving the service for NBC’s Peacock TV streaming service starting January 1, 2021. 

To celebrate the arrival of the show on the service, NBC announced that it will have new, never-seen-before content - like the clip below - as well as all 201 episodes of the show. 

That said, Peacock is only making the first two seasons of the show free to watch for anyone, and will lock everything beyond season two behind a Peacock Premium subscription that costs $4.99 per month, or a Peacock Premium Plus subscription for $9.99.

On top of the regular episodes and ‘Superfan’ episodes with additional content, Peacock says it will offer curated playlists of episodes around particular themes and a channel that will play ambient office sounds called The Office 24/7 to immerse fans in the show.

Peacock needs it more than Netflix, apparently

The Office had a great run on Netflix - in fact, according to Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin in the show, its wide availability on Netflix is what kept it in vogue.

Its departure from the service is therefore rather bittersweet - it’s disappointing that the service won’t be as widely available as it once was, but we can certainly appreciate NBC wanting its own content back in-house. 

The fact that it’s getting out of the lucrative Netflix deal shows that NBC wants Peacock to succeed and it’s willing to sweeten the pot with new never-seen-before content, too. 

Nick Pino

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