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The Nvidia GTX 1180 could be announced next month

Nvidia GTX 1180

The Nvidia GTX 1180 could be officially announced in less than a month, with rumors suggesting it will make an appearance at Gamescom.

Nvidia has reportedly sent out event invites for Gamescom to the press. Supposedly, the invitation makes no mention of a new GeForce graphics card, and only promises hands-on presentations with the latest PC games, but the gaming convention in Cologne, Germany, does conveniently starts on August 21, just as Hotchips, where Nvidia was originally rumored to reveal their next generation mainstream GPU architecture, winds down.

An August announcement for the Nvidia GTX 1180 would line up with the latest whispers that third-party manufacturers are gearing up to ship next-gen GPUs in August, or possibly early September.

Rumors abound

Rumors and leaks on Nvidia Turning have reached a fever pitch since a Lenovo Product manager name dropped a GeForce GTX 11-series graphics card during in an E3 2018 video. In an interview, the Lenovo representative mentioned products that will be “time[d] to market with NVIDIA 11 Series up to an 1180 down the road.”

More recently, a Reddit post leaked what appeared to be a prototype graphics card featuring GDDR6 video memory. Although there’s no concrete proof, many consider it to be an early version of Nvidia’s next-generation gaming focused architecture, Turing.

We'll soon see if the rumors are true, and hopefully it will be a short while until the announcement is official.

Via The Inquirer

Kevin Lee

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