The Motorola Edge 30 Pro appears in newly leaked images

Moto Edge X30 Launch
The Moto Edge X30 (Image credit: Motorola)

Right at the end of 2021 the Moto Edge X30 was made official, but so far the phone hasn't made its way out of China. Now we've seen leaked images of what could be the international version of the phone, due to be announced at the end of this month.

These pictures come via well-known tipster Evan Blass, who has posted a couple of pictures of what we're apparently calling the Motorola Edge 30 Pro. There's also a video showing the handset propped up with a folio case and being used with a stylus.

That stylus support looks to be one of the key differences between this international model and the Moto Edge X30 we've already seen. It also puts the upcoming smartphone in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that was just launched.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra leaked image showing the phone facing forwards in landscape mode and its smart folio case.

(Image credit: @evleaks)

What we know

If this is the Motorola Edge 30 Pro – previously rumored to be called the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra – then it looks to be matching the phone that's already been shown off in China in most respects, including the triple-lens rear camera module on the back.

The expected specs are a 6.7-inch display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. None of this is official yet though, with this phone and several others due to get their grand unveiling on February 24.

These handsets are the successors to the Motorola Edge 20 and its variants, and these will be important phones for the Lenovo-owned brand in 2022. With what look to be an official smart folio case and a stylus in tow, the Edge 30 Pro could be the most exciting device of the bunch.

Analysis: what's on the way?

We've seen a few leaks and rumors around the Motorola Edge 30 series up to this point, so we're not completely in the dark when it comes to what might be getting shown off by Motorola in a couple of weeks' time.

These are set to be mid-range and premium handsets – as suggested by the high-end specs of the Moto Edge X30 – rather than the value-for-money, budget fare that Motorola is perhaps better known for. Expect the prices to be tiered accordingly.

We saw a standard, Lite and Pro model of the Edge 20, and it looks as though the Edge 30 series is going to follow that trend. As we've already said though, it would appear the Ultra moniker is being used this time around (perhaps as a nod to Samsung).

It can be difficult to keep track of Motorola's various handsets, and the different tweaks to names and specs it makes in different markets, but all should be made clearer on February 24. Check back then to get the lowdown on the latest Android devices from the company.

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