The iPhone 7 camera can actually zoom thanks to Olloclip's new lenses

 If you thought the reach of the iPhone 7’s ‘telephoto lens’ was a little short you might be interested in Olloclip’s new Macro Pro Lens Set.   

While Apple’s ‘telephoto’ camera only gives you a paltry 2x zoom, Olloclip’s latest trio of macro lenses gives 7x,14x and 21x magnification. Of course the much higher zoom factor lenses are intended for super close-up shots and Olloclip has also created an InstaFocus that “naturally collects and diffuses light” to partially eliminate the shadow from the lens hovering directly over the subject.   

Although they’re technically macro lenses, there’s no reason not to use their extreme magnification factor to capture subjects especially far away – especially when Olloclip claims its 21x macro lens can capture up to almost 100x zoom when combined with the iPhone 7’s digital zoom.

The three macro lens kit is priced at $79 (about £60, AU$100)  All three new camera accessories work with both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus thanks to an updated its Ollo Case that simply slips onto the tops of the handsets.    

  Go wide

On the opposite end of the focal length range, Olloclip is also introducing a Core Lens Set that stars a dramatic Fisheye lens that will give the center of your photos a bowed out effect. There’s also a Super-Wide and 15x Macro lens to round out this $99 (about £80, AU$130) kit.

Last but not least is the Active Lens Set available now for $119 (about £100, AU$160). Unlike the other two kits, this one only comes with two lenses including an ultra-wide element that gives you a 155-degree field of view and a 2x telephoto – which essentially gives iPhone 7 users the same second lens as the iPhone 7 Plus.

Via 9to5 Mac

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