The iPhone 14 might get a new color option today

Apple iPhone 14 back
An iPhone 14 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

You can already get the iPhone 14 in five different colors, but it looks very likely that there will soon be a sixth option to choose from. 

Mark Gurman – a reputable Bloomberg journalist and leaker – has claimed (via MacRumors) that “a new iPhone 14 color is indeed imminent.” Gurman has a superb track record, so we're inclined to believe them, and while they didn’t get specific about what this new iPhone shade would be, we can make our own educated guess.

You see, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of a new iPhone 14 color. Just a few days ago, another source suggested that the iPhone 14 would soon be available in a yellow shade.

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While the latter source doesn’t have Gurman's track record, MacRumors claims to have heard from multiple sources that Apple has a product briefing planned for this week. As such, we can be almost certain that Apple has an imminent announcement to make, and it’s probably to do with a new iPhone 14 color, with yellow being the most likely option.

There’s also form for this on Apple's part, as a green shade was launched for the iPhone 13 this time last year, and a purple color for the iPhone 12 the year before that.

We hope it really is yellow that’s planned for the iPhone 14 this year, because with the exception of red, all the current shades are quite pale and understated, so we could use more bright colors. Of course, the yellow might be a pale yellow, too, but it’s still likely to be more showy than the likes of white and black.

Oh, and if the iPhone 14 is getting a new color, then the same color will almost certainly come to the iPhone 14 Plus as well, since the two phones are currently available in an identical selection of shades. What’s less clear is whether the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available in a new color, too. If they are, it might be a slightly different shade.

Analysis: when will this new color launch?

We can only guess at which day, exactly, Apple will make this announcement, though (as mentioned) we know it'll happen sometime this week.

That said, Apple tends to prefer announcing things on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Indeed, the green color last year was unveiled on a Tuesday, and so was the purple the year before, so Tuesday is our best guess.

It’s Tuesday now at the time of writing, so the new iPhone 14 shade’s arrival really could be imminent, and will hopefully add some much-needed brightness to the current selection of iPhone 14 colors.

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