The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could get its own version of the best iPad Pro accessory

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We've been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family for a while, mainly because we expected them months ago, and we've just heard about some of the cases and accessories that might go on sale separately.

It's quite an official source we're hearing this from: a small online UK retailer called Box has added listings for various cases for the three slates in the family: there's a Tab S8 Protective Cover, Tab S8 Plus protective cover, Tab S8 Ultra protective cover, Tab S8 Ultra book cover and Tab S8 Ultra keyboard cover.

We don't currently know what these cases do - don't all covers 'protect'? Is a 'book cover' not 'protective'? - But the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's Keyboard Cover isn't exactly ambiguous.

This sounds like the Smart Keyboard Folio you can buy alongside iPad Pro models which works as a case, a stand and a keyboard, turning the tablet into a little productivity machine. It's arguably the best accessory you can buy for your iPad, joint with the Apple Pencil, but going by precedent we'd expect Samsung's tablet to come with its own stylus in the box.

No images are included with the listings, and there are no specs or dimensions either, though we do get an idea of the prices of these accessories. You can see the UK prices included with the listings, as well as conversions.

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Galaxy Tab S8 converted prices
DeviceCase typeUK priceUS conversionAU conversion
Galaxy Tab S8Protective cover£38.99$51AU$72
Galaxy Tab S8 PlusProtective cover£47.99$64AU$89
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraProtective cover£58.99$78AU$110
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraBook cover£73.99$98AU$138
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraKeyboard cover£248.99$330AU$463

Analysis: this is going to hurt (the wallet)

It sounds very much like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is going to be a horrifically expensive tablet - the kind of tech product that causes you pain just to see the price tag.

Rumors suggest it'll be the biggest Android tablet we've ever seen, with a screen size hovering around 14 inches, as well as top internals and a premium build, so the device itself could be super-pricey.

On top of that, this keyboard cover is strangely costly. In the UK, the equivalent for the iPad Pro is £50 (about $66, AU$93) cheaper, and given Apple products are generally more expensive in the UK, the price disparity could be even greater in the US and Australia. That's a bizarre inversion of the 'Apple Tax', which dictates that products from the fruit company are generally more expensive than identical equivalents from rivals.

So if you want the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a keyboard cover, you could be paying out the ears, and that's before you start to download apps, buy an extended warranty, add extras like a screen protector or a Galaxy SmartTag in case you lose the thing, etc...

That is to say, buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with all the necessary extras will likely cost you a huge amount. You better start saving, and make sure the various peripherals you'll need are on various Christmas and birthday lists for the foreseeable future, if you want to use the thing.

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