This is the cheapest place to pre-order Call of Duty WWII right now

It’s not being released until November, but if you’re thinking about pre-ordering Call of Duty WWII now might be a be a good time because there’s an extremely good deal going on CDKeys at the moment. 

For those interested in picking up the PC version of the game, CDKeys has already slashed its own RRP from £39.99 to £27.99. 

This is by far the cheapest place to pick up the game at the moment, with most other retailers, including Amazon and ShopTo, offering the PC edition for £43.99. 

Console comparisons

If you’re hoping to get a great deal on the Xbox One or PS4 editions, you’re certainly not going to find a pre-order for anywhere near as low as £27.99. 

In the interests of being thorough, however, we had a search and found that the cheapest places to pick up the console versions is ShopTo for £42.85, while most other retailers, from Amazon to Smyths, have set price points of £47.99. 

We’d definitely say that the PC deal on CD Keys is an opportunity not to be missed, but it could be worth holding out a little longer for further pre-order offers on the console versions of the game. We suggest you grab a good deal when you see it, though, as the game's later release date means you're not likely to see it appear in this year's Black Friday sales. 

If any better offers appear we'll be sure to add them here. 

Don’t wait too long, though, as securing a console pre-order will get you access to the game’s private multiplayer beta weekends, one of which is exclusively for PS4 players from August 25 to 28 and another for Xbox and PlayStation owners from September 1 to 4. 

We got the chance to try Call of Duty WWII multiplayer mode for ourselves at this year’s E3, so hit that link to see what we thought of the new War mode and read everything else we know about the game.

Emma Boyle

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