The best evidence yet Samsung's Galaxy S10 will have an in-display fingerprint scanner

Rumors of Samsung adopting an in-display fingerprint scanner have been doing the rounds for years, and since companies like Huawei (with the device pictured above) and Vivo have now achieved it, we are almost certain Samsung will do so with the Galaxy S10.

Consistent leaks and rumors of the new Galaxy S10 range have suggested we'll see the tech debut there, and our best evidence yet comes from Samsung's own code.

Found within the Samsung Pay app - specifically dug up by XDA Developers - the source code references the codename of the S10 and shows a little of how the app would work behind the scenes if you're not using a typical phone scanner.

If the phone has an in-display scanner, the app will look to move the "payment flow window" higher up the page. That may be because of the positioning of where your thumb will be on your phone screen.

This doesn't confirm we'll see the in-display fingerprint tech on all Galaxy S10 models though, but the fact it exists in the app at all suggests at least one model will have the tech.

Current rumors suggest there will be at least three phones in the range, but only the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus will feature the scanner, leaving the Galaxy S10 Lite with a rear mounted option. 

There are also rumors of a fourth even higher spec phone called the Galaxy S10 X, and if that does happen we'd also expect that to have the in-display tech.

But what materials?

A separate report has also said there will be a special edition version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that's set to come with an impressive 12GB of RAM alongside 1TB of storage. It's also thought to have a ceramic back instead of glass like we expect on most S10 models.

That's not something we've seen Samsung do before, but other phone companies such as OnePlus have experimented with ceramic designs and this matches with another rumor we saw late last year.

The leak comes from IceUniverse who says, "This ceramic has a special process that is not only scratch resistant but also resistant to falling, but the weight will increase." 

Exactly how much heavier (or more expensive) the ceramic version will be remains a mystery too.

Samsung is skipping MWC 2019 this year and is instead hosting its own event in San Francisco on February 20 to unveil the next line-up of phones. We may also see more of the company's foldable device too.

Via Softpedia

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