Samsung’s top Galaxy S10 model could be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 X

It’s long been rumored that a fourth Samsung Galaxy S10 model would sit above the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus at the top of the range, but until now we weren’t sure what to call it. Well, we’re now hearing that it could be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 X.

That’s according to a report on ETNews, which notes that the ‘X’ both emphasizes that this is the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy range (as if the ten in the name didn’t already do that), and also stands for “eXperience” and “eXpansion”.

The report adds that the Samsung Galaxy S10 X will apparently land in South Korea on March 29, though it’s not clear from this report whether it will be available anywhere else on that date, and an earlier rumor suggested that only South Korea and the US would get this model.

In any case, that date is a few weeks after the rest of the range might land, as those phones will apparently go on sale in the country on March 8.

But that extra time will give you time to save, which you might need to do, as the S10 X could range in price from 1.6 million won (around $1,430, £1,110, AU$1,980) to 1.8 million won (roughly $1,600, £1,250, AU$2,230) according to this report.

That’s around double what the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite might cost, as that will supposedly be around 800,000 won (roughly $710, £550, AU$990) to 900,000 won (around $800, £620, AU$1,110).

Serious specs and a secret weapon

So what do you get for all that extra money? The headline feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X is its support for 5G, but this report also points to a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, a quad-lens rear camera, a dual-lens front-facing camera, a 5,000mAh battery, 1TB of storage, and more than 10GB of RAM. That’s all stuff that we’ve heard before.

Finally, the report talks about an AI-powered “life pattern” mode that would automate or adjust aspects of the phone based on a user’s usage pattern. This is described as a “secret weapon” and it sounds like all of the Galaxy S10 models might have it.

We’d take all of this with a pinch of salt, especially as it’s not clear where the site got its information from, but when it comes to the specs of the Galaxy S10 X – or whatever it launches as – there’s a good chance they’re true, as they’ve been rumored multiple times.

We should know soon, as while the S10 X might not go on sale until late March, it will probably be announced alongside the rest of the range on February 20.


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