Tesla app update hints at feature unlock frenzy for cameras, voice projection and more

Tesla Model S Plaid
(Image credit: Tesla)

It's no secret Tesla is almost more of a software and UI company than an automaker. As such, the company carries more than its fair share of behind-the-scenes observers and diggers, which over the weekend paid off with tantalizing details on its latest iOS app update.

The update, version number 4.2.0, improves Tesla's iOS widget by making it larger and adding quick-set controls for vehicle locks, charging, and more. 

Tesla watcher @Teslascope did some digging and found that the update will also enable broader access to vehicle cameras.

The app update will bring the ability to live-stream video from the car's onboard dashcam to a mobile phone. 

Other added functionality includes a voice command function, which allows owners to project their voices from a smartphone to the vehicle's pedestrian warning system.

Beyond making features like Summon safer for the people around the car, voice projection could also help to scare off would-be thieves.

The most recent updates to the app follow other changes the automaker has made in recent months - previous revisions have already updated the app's Summon function and opened access to Tesla's shop.

Tesla's software teams are busy in areas beyond the app, too with Elon Musk taking to Twitter over the weekend to confirm the automaker's Full Self Driving beta 11.

The beta program is currently open to a limited pool of drivers who consented to the vehicle's telemetry and driving data in exchange for the chance to test the advanced semi-autonomous driving features.

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