Virgin Media tweets Sky Atlantic update, watch this space

Virgin Media tweets Sky Atalantic update, quickly deletes it
Retweet and delete

UPDATE: So, after a bit of digging, it wasn't a direct tweet but a response to Lorna Cooper, so it's still there in the public domain. The headline and text has been changed to reflect this.

You can find the conversation on this Twitter thread

For those Virgin Media subscribers desperate to get the likes of Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire there may be hope yet, with the official twitter page hinting, albeit briefly, that Sky Atlantic could be coming to the service.

The tweet was in response to a comment by MSN TV correspondent Lorna Cooper, and it certainly makes it sound like Sky Atlantic is getting closer to the Virgin Media platform saying 'we're working on bringing the platform to our subscribers, so keep you eye fixed here [the customer update page].

We've not heard that any deal has been done; and we wouldn't hold our breath just yet or, indeed, start hitting refresh on the Virgin Media customer update page. We'll tell you if we here anything concrete.

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