The 4K revolution is here at last: all hail the new king of TVs!

sony 4k
4K is the next big thing in home entertainment

Ever since Sony revealed its stunning 55 and 65-inch 4K TVs at CES 2013 we've been waiting impatiently to get them into the office. Ye gods it's taken a while, but finally the Sony KD-65X9005A is here.

Feet were stamped on more than one occasion, the phrase "it's not fair" was uttered by a senior TechRadar staff member at a particularly low moment, and there was even talk of an ambitious project to melt four 32-inch 1080p TVs together using soldering irons and a roll of TechRadar packing tape.

We wanted those 4K pictures, we wanted them right in our faces and we wanted them there yesterday.

Six long months passed, but at last, here we have Sony's shiny new 4K TV!

Unsurprisingly, there has been much fawning, dribbling and stroking going on this week. "Oooh" and "ahhhh" noises have been made. This is a stunning TV, an exciting glimpse of the future of home entertainment, and we've given it 5 much-deserved stars.

What is 4K?

4K TVs have a resolution four times greater than standard Full HD TVs.

That means extra clarity, superb detail and best-ever passive 3D at almost tolerable levels of three dimensional performance!

And despite the (comprehensive) lack of 4K content currently available, the upscaling on this TV makes it a superb performer with standard HD or even SD video.

The 65-inch model that we reviewed is going for £6,000 on launch, so it's hardly an impulse purchase. But the 55-inch model costs £4,000 and that's (a mere) £20,000 cheaper than the 84-inch Sony behemoth we reviewed last year.

Prices and sizes are coming down, then. So get used to seeing and hearing a lot about 4K because it's the new buzzword in home viewing. And if you don't believe us, read Steve's review and find out for yourselves.

If you do believe us, read it anyway. But beware - you're going to want one.

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