Samsung: Netflix 4K streaming coming in March

Samsung announces Netflix 4K streaming coming to its TVs in March
Not long to wait until the 4K stream comes true

Samsung has revealed that it will be offering a 4K starter pack for use with its Ultra HD TVs in Europe this March, as well as access to 4K streaming via Netflix.

There has been a lot of talk of 4K televisions of late buy the lack of actual content has put some off from making the hefty upgrade to 4K in the home.

Samsung is hoping that its new 4K starter pack inititiative, and relationship with Netflix, will help change people's mind.

Money talks

Its offering a 1TB hard drive for 299 Euros (around £250) and that comes with access to fifty 4K-ready movies including Life of Pi.

The hard drive will come preloaded with a variety of movies and throughout the year downloads will be available to store on the drive.

The device was announced at Samsung's European forum with TechRadar in attendance, and is one part of Samsung's UHD TV strategy.

Samsung already said at CES that 2014 would be the year of UHD TV and it believes that by the end of 2014 UHD TV sales will surpass the 1 million mark.

By 2017 it is predicting this figure will rise to 3.3 million shipments.

Speaking about the 4K push, Michael Zoller, Senior Director of European Sales and Marketing, said: "Samsung is making sure that customers have access to 4K content.

"We will offer a 360 degree UHD solution. This will include Netflix from March and our UHD video pack – which will include Life of Pi and Star Trek."

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