Google TV Music and Movies heads to UK

Google TV Music and Movies heads to UK
Hits from some number of pounds sterling or Euros actually

Google TV users in the UK, Germany and France are about to get a Movies and Music injection.

The film and music services are set to hit Google's connected sets on November 13, allowing people to rent and download songs and films through Google Play.

Google accidentally announced that some other countries would be seeing the update in November too – Australia and Canada included – but had to back track hastily.

Although it hasn't revealed an actual release date for Google TV Music and Movies in those other countries, the Google TV Google+ account requests that you "stay tuned" because "we're bringing Google Play to more countries all the time".

Coming attractions

It's not clear yet exactly what you'll be able to buy and rent; no two countries are likely to offer exactly the same films and songs because of international licensing agreements and the like so we're anticipating a slightly less-well-stocked library in Europe than our American counterparts currently enjoy.

But if you're a keen Google TV owning bean, you'll be able to find out for sure on November 13.

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